By mid 2016 we had all left the UAE, and noone has taken over – although one of us might be back one day, who knows….

Early 2018 we re-connected lost links to photos in some of the old reports and over the next few months we might continue to add a few more stories, so don’t forget to visit this site every now and than!

Check out all our previous adventures:

Midsummer 2013: The real wild wadis – Hatta Pools
1 February 2013: Jebel Kumzar, round one…
September 2012: Deep water soloing & Jebel Qihwi night hike
August 2012: A wild wadis weekend
May 2012: Jebel Qihwi: summit to sea
13 April 2012: Snake Gorge: a moralty tale
October 2011: Beating the heat on Jebel Fafataq
19 August 2011: Snake Gorge Night (Oman)
August 2011: Caving in the Alps (Austria)
8 July 2011: Hatta Pools 2011 (Oman)
24-26 March 2011: Snake Gorge Double Feature (Oman)
February 2011: Looking for Caves in the Hajar Mountains (UAE)
6-8 January 2011: On & in the Mountains of RAK and Fujairah (UAE)
2-4 December 2010: Jebel Khawr & Wadi Damm (Oman)
20 November 2010: ADAC meets in New Zealand (NZ)
16-18 November 2010: Mussandam Dhow Trip (Oman)
29/30 October 2010: Exploring NE Emirates (UAE)
2H 2010 Climbing Season (UAE)
25 September 2010: -50C Temperature Shock?! (Dubai)
3 September 2010: Hatta Pools Canyoning (Hatta)
July 2010: A month in the Austrian Alps (Austria)
18 June 2010: Canyoning & Climbing Weekend (Dubai)
May 2010: 6000m above Dead Sea Level (Jordan & Iran)
27 March 2010: Snake Gorge & Jebel Shams (Oman)
13 March 2010: Stairways to Heaven Roundtrip (RAK)
13 February 2010: Stairways to Heaven (RAK)
6 February 2010: Sandstorm vs.Thunderstorm (Al Gharbia)
9 January 2010: Snake Canyon Via Ferrata (Oman)
July 2009: A Survival Guide to an Arabian Midsummer (Hatta)
2 January 2009: UAE’s Highest Peak (RAK)
24 January 2009: Snow in the UAE

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