Midsummer 2013

Defying the heat at Hatta Pools

As we returned to the cars after completing a lap of the canyons at Hatta Pools, there was a look of disbelief.

It had been 49degrees when we left Abu Dhabi a few hours earlier but after exchanging glances of confirmation, the realisation slowly dawned that with a combination of clothes still wet from the final pool and the steady breeze blowing down the wadi, we were actually… chilly. Read more.

February 2013


Jebel Kumzar, round one…

Last year I visiting Kumzar, a tiny village on the very tip of Arabia at the Strait of Hormuz. My story was on how they are the only ones who speak a unique language.
Since then I’ve been vowing to get back to experience the village again. So on Feburary 1, we went back to to climb Jebel Kumzar. Or the peak I named Jebel Kumzar, having selected at random the highest peak on that part of the peninsula. Read more.

IMG_2722 medley-small
Deep water soloing and Jebel Qihwi night hike
“But Miss Rachel, that would be like commiting suicide!”
Rachel, as is her wont, had just shared with one of her young violin students her plans to join the Abu Dhabi Alpine Club’s weekend of deep water soloing and a night ascent of Jebel Qihwi. The student feared for Rachel’s safety, or at least for her ability to continue to provide private music lessons.
It was a fairly common reaction in the UAE to anything adventurous. To us, though, it was just our way of staying sane in the sandpit and we headed off towards Dibba, undissuaded by fears of mortal peril*. (* Sheikh Zayed Road on a Thursday night excluded, of course.)
Read more.

August 2012

The wild wadis weekend

With midsummer truly and undeniably here, it was time for the Abu Dhabi Alpine Club’s annual defy-the-heat trip to Hatta Pools.
This originated three years ago, born of an inherently contrarian response to being told it’s impossible to do anything outside at this time of year.
Read more.

Jebel Qihwi: summit to sea

By the time the middle of May rolled around, most people were succumbing to the theory that it was now too hot to do anything outside.
And it was hot, even in the mountains – but only during the day. It wouldn’t take much longer before the nights were also too hot for comfort.
Read more.

Snake Gorge 2012: a morality tale

We might have been forgiven for knowing what to expect from the third installment of the Abu Dhabi Alpine Club’s annual trip to Snake Gorge.
But even though we all know the mountain environment is an ever-changing one, we truly hadn’t expected that the trip would begin with a long and intensive appraisal of my character.
Read more.

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