July 2010

So what’s the best place for someone from an alpine club to go on holidays to? Absolutely right – the Alps!
Ok I admit it – as it wasn’t the whole Abu Dhabi Alpine Club but just Katrin and I who went back “home” for the whole month of July – this is going to be a bit of a tourism advert for the Austrian Alps. But it’s been the first time in years I spent so much time in Austria, so I was really overwhelmed by the all the mountains waiting to be climbed!


Taking the train from Vienna to the South was already an experience – I didn’t realise until then how little green I had seen for more than half a year! Grass, mountains, trees, fields,… all in different shades of green – some things you just don’t notice until you’ve been away from them for a while….
The main train line from Vienna to the South which winds its way up the Semmering mountains is actually a registered UNESCO world heritage site! Built in the middle of the 19th century, it has 15 tunnels, 16 viaducts and 100 other bridges, with the highest point almost 900m asl!

For most of the time we were based in Eisenerz, an old mining town in the heart of the Northern Austrian Limestone Alps, where we stayed in a really nice B&B “Alpinclub Eisenerz”.
There are loads of mountains to climb, four viae ferratae, plenty of climbing routes, a beautiful lake and many caves nearby, also no shortage of alternatives for rainy days, including show mines and museums:

Old Copper Mine

Not far away you can also find a national park, and you can do loads of other adventure sports like whitewater rafting or mountain biking.
But enough said – I think the photos speak for themselves!


2010-07-19 Franz-Joseph Klettersteig Seemauer

2010-07-19 Rosslochhoehlenlettersteig Seemauer


2010-07-07 Reichensteinhaus

2010-07-07 ...MY home!

2010-07-07 vom Reichenstein zum Stadelstein

2010-07-07 ...that far in one day?!

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