An update on Norwegians Petter Kragset and Stein Grønnerøe, who climbed the highest point in the UAE during a 36-hour stopover on their way to Everest. Petter’s trying to climb the highest peak in every country and has done 73, including the other six of the seven summits. (He’ll have fun in Yemen)

While they were descending from the UAE highpoint, a boulder let loose and Petter said Stein “managed to jump aside, but had to pay with a nasty fall and two really beaten legs”. But he obviously recovered enough to summit on Friday, May 22.

Stein on the top of Everest!

A little before 5pm Norwegian time Petter got the message that Stein has done it. He has been on top of the world’s highest mountain. He is now on the way down again, and had come down to the second step (ca.8600m). His plan was to get net to camp 1 in the North Skaret during the day. A massive achievement of that before this trip had not been higher than Kilimanjaro. And as I see many points out, he is the first trønder on top of Everest. Congratulations!

We’ve also been told that two of the other Norwegians have been on top in the night (Petter Nyquist and Lars Oma Erichsrud). Jarle Traa, we have not heard about yet, but last night he was at 8450 m and in fine form. The NOK is likely that he also is on the way down again, after having defeated the top.

Petter was now ready to walk from ABC and back to base camp. He now looks forward to coming back down into the lowlands again. He hopes to get all the way to Kathmandu as early as tonight. Stein NOK need at least a day before he makes it to base camp.

We come back with more.

As for Petter’s summit aspirations, he said he “had some problems” at Camp Two, at 7700m, and “just had to go down. My life comes before the summit….” Can’t fault that logic.

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