Oct/ Nov 2010

Several climbing trips to Wonderwall & NPZ and S2H reloaded:

An early October trip to Wonderwall was a real heat-challenge! But always worth the trip!

Wendy on Wonderwall

In early November we made it once again to the top of “Stairways to Heaven” (RAK) (much cooler already)….


….perfect spot for a well deserved rest…

The longest stairs
….before heading down again (yes, it IS as steep as it looks).

...looking backThis area is great mountaineering territory, but so hot and dry most of the year – unbelieveable that people are able to live here (there’s still a settlement on top).
There are ruins all over the place – the ones along the cliff on the other side (just before the stairs start) are well worth exploring – just keep walking along the ledge. You can even still find these millstones:

On the way back we stopped in RAK to see why there are so few locals hiking in the mountains – they prefer sanddunes….
Sanddunes near RAK
…but not for hiking!
Sanddunes near RAK

Locals near RAK

All this noise and smell of rubber was good preparation for NPZ, which is close to a motorway on the side of Jebel Hafit – so we tried it a week later:

'a local Luis Trenker'
Looks like we found the local Luis Trenker! 🙂
Well, there were plenty of interesting routes to choose from, and we even found a little cave!
Time for a reminder – if you come across any caves in the UAE or Oman, let me know! I’ve started work on a cave database, as I’m struggling to find proper information.
But back to climbing for now… here are some pics of Math, Tom, Charlie and Wendy – enjoy!





The next adventure is just around the corner….
Definitely better than sitting in the office all day – hanging around and later enjoying the view of the empty desert really recharges your batteries! Need to do it again soon!
A climbers view...

Camping in the Dunes


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