11 February 2011

Although not much is known about caves in the UAE, the mountains definitely have cave potential. The Oman side of the Hajar mountain range features some spectacular ones – a good sign for someone searching for previously unexplored holes!

Hoota Cave - Lion Stalagmite
This formation is in a very nice showcave in Oman: Al Hoota
(If you want to visit give them a call, as sometimes it’s closed for repairs after floods, and their website isn’t always up to date)
Unfortunately it seems even more difficult finding cavers in the UAE then new caves to explore – so if you happen to know a caver in the area, please contact us 😉
Caving here has it’s challenges. Cave temperatures are usually much higher than in Europe for example, so you need to bring a lot of water.
Entrances are often blocked by gravel and fine dust blown in during sand storms, or – if open – are full of smelly goat droppings and guano – but there are some really stunning examples of beautiful cave formations, so it’s worth to explore.


In February we tried to get access to some impressive holes in this ca 100m high wall:


Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get to the top of the wall yet (anybody keen to borrow a helicopter?), but on the way back home we found another imressive and easily accessible cave full with countless cute mousetailed bats….

Hoota Cave - Lion Stalagmite

Below just a collection of photos of what I came across in the last year – all in the mountains of the UAE or the North of Oman.

Wadi Damm

Northern Emirates

Northern Emirates

Northern Emirates


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