8 July 2011

Hatta Pools
...further up
Global warming? Every year it gets 5C cooler! When we did the Hatta Pools trip 2 years ago, the maximum temperature hit 50C, last year 45C, and this year it did not even exceed 40C!
Ok, maybe this had more to do with the fact that in August it gets hotter then in July…
Anyway, it was still hot enough to appreciate that the pools are so close to the parking.

The other advantage of doing this trip in the summer is the low level of visitors (and therfore relatively little rubbish floating in the pools).
As usual we started with the upstream section, enjoyed the deep water and some easy climbs up the narrowing caynon.

...learning how to climb ;)

On the way we encountered lots of frogs and a snake (a harmless Wadi Racer) but couldn’t find the large beetle anymore.
(Who was so scared by it last year she almost couldn’t pass it? 😉 )

Wadi Racer

...ready to jump?Re-visiting a canyon has it’s advantages – knowing the climbs means you can judge better if you need a rope, and it’s even more fun when you have an idea where it’s deep enough to safely jump into the first pool with the waterfall…
The downstream part has some very deep pools with very clear water, so it’s worth briging a snorkle!

Downstream Pools

The last climb back up is a bit tricky, but with a little bit of help we eventually all got out again.


Afterwards we took some time to explore the area by car – some great offroad driving into the newrby mountains and up and down the wadis… unfortunately we didn’t take many pictures (probably because the guys in the back seat didn’t feel too well….?!

...more wadis to explore...


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