May 2012

By the time the middle of May rolled around, most people were succumbing to the theory that it was now too hot to do anything outside.

And it was hot, even in the mountains – but only during the day. It wouldn’t take much longer before the nights were also too hot for comfort.

For now, they were still fair game so I headed up to the mountains of Musandam for the third week in a row to squeeze in a final camping weekend. The goal this time was Jebel Qihwi, the peak in the far distance.

This ended up being solo, partly because some of the usual suspects had been with me in the same place above Dibba the previous weekend or the weekend before that.

By the time I headed off at about 6pm, the temperature was warm but OK, and certainly much cooler than the 43 degrees it had been as I drove across the northern emirates.

I wandered up this path as the sun set over the Gulf behind.

I camped around 9pm then the next morning at 5.30am, this was the scene that greeted me.

But there is a feasible way: you head up into this crevice and then scramble your way up by pressing your back against one wall and your feet against the other and jimmying upwards

This concentrated the mind given I was on my own but it was fine.

At the top, you emerge in a cave, look up and see an exit…

From here, it’s a cruisy walk to the summit 10m further.

Others had been before me…

But it was a fun wander. Time to return to the car (marked by the red dot).

It only took about two and a half hours to retrace my steps, by which time it was 8am and already too hot to hike comfortably.

There was a dusty drive down the Wadi Bih race route…

And the Summit-to-sea journey ended at Royal Beach, as it had done the previous weekend.

Typical emirates scene…

Royal Beach is famous for its turtles that feed on the seagrass just offshore.

I found this one within a minute of getting into the water.

One problem with the rubbish here is it can kill the turtles, who eat it thinking it’s food, but this one swam happily past this wrapper.

Time to head back to the Dhabs.


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