We’ve done a topo guide to stairway to heaven, which you can find in pdf format here.

We’ve also produced a 54mb map based on aerial photos, which is too big to post here but contact us and we’ll find a way to get you a copy.

3 Responses to “Stairway to Heaven topo”

  1. godfrey said

    Hi, Can you please give me itinerary or short information on climbing stairway to heaven.Any camp site there where to stay overnight? Thanks so much!
    Also if you can inform me if their is any invitational climb where i can join:)

    • adalpine said

      The two stories under “recent activity” and the topo on this page should answer most of your questions. There is no particular campsite, we just camped in the wadi, but be aware that it can flood easily, so make sure you check the weather forecast!

      • godfrey said

        Hi Tom!

        Thanks for the information. We are planning to climb by December in Stairway to heaven. Once we finalized it I will post here coz anyone will be invited.


        Thanks and regards,


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