A few people – OK, two – have asked how to get to the UAE highpoint, so I’ve done a map with directions.

Contact me  on john (at) henzell (dot) com if you need more information.






5 Responses to “How to reach the UAE highpoint”

  1. Hi!
    Thank’s for all the phothos and informations about Emirats highest point. I’m a norwegian and a collecter of the high point in every country in the world. So far I have 72. In April me and my friend are going to climb Mt. Everest. Becourse of some airproblems we have to stay 36 hours in Abu Dabi, waiting for our flight to Kathmandu. We arrive in Abu Dhabi 2. April 07.30 and live 3.April 14.10. Therefore I want to try to reach the high point. Is it possible logistics to do it in one long day?

    Best regards

  2. Pete St. Germain said

    John, thanks also for doing the legwork on this mystery. Seems like the Sheikh was the only one with the knowledge of the true highest point! I’ve been to both Jabal Hafit and Jabal Yibir thinking hte later was actually the true highpoint until I found your page. Will be visiting soon. Thanks!

    ~St. Pete

  3. Gian Carla said


    I’ve been searching for the highest peak here in Abu Dhabi and..tada! landed on your website.. great photos youve got here. I am planning to explore the mountains here, but lookin’ for some company. How to join your club? I indulged climbing since 2005 in the Philippines.


    “Let your feet bring you to where your heart is..”

  4. […] by replacing my usual alpine gear with a team of mercenaries from Blackwater). Instead I created a how-to guide from the road atlas I’d used to find the unnamed knoll and then to prove that it was indeed […]

  5. Shalin said


    I am a Kenyan university student in Ras Al Khaimah. I have a passion for mountain climbing and I would love to hike up to the highest point in the UAE. Do you know if there are any club’s or tourism companies which can provide me transport to the mountains and a guide to hike with?

    Thanks for uploading the photos and all the information.


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