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So you’re a mountaineer, familiar with places where the air is thin, the snow is crisp, the pick of an ice tool hits with a satisfying thwok, and the rock is steep and juggy…

Then what on earth are you doing in the United Arab Emirates?

Chances are you’re doing what most of us are doing – earning money in a hot and sandy corner of the planet so we can spend more time in its high and frozen bits.

This is what the Abu Dhabi Alpine Club is about – a nexus of like-minded people with a shared interest in mountaineering so we can find people with whom to head into the greater ranges, tackle the peaks of the Arabian peninsula, and in between commiserate and tell stories about when we didn’t live where it’s hot, flat and sandy.

There are some other more specialised clubs in the region (with a lot of overlap in membership).
For rock climbing, see UAEclimbing.com , and Dubai based http://www.mecet.org organises caving trips.

But if you’re a mountaineer or a general outdoorsy type check out some of our recent activities, get in touch and we can try to keep sane in the sandpit.

Just join our Google group, so you can contact and be contacted by us whether we’re heading to the Himalaya, the Jebels of the UAE and Oman, or just to the pub for a culturally appropriate beverage.

Thomas, Nicky and John have now all left the Middle East. The google group is still active, so just join the group and start organising a weekend trip yourself!