Trekking trip to Naran Valley, Fairy Meadows, Deosai National Park and Burji La Top

Day #
Altitude (above sea level)
Day 1 – Morning
Departure from Islamabad to Mansehra by road
3 hours

Day 1 – Afternoon
From Mansehra to Shogran
2 hours
7700 ft.
Hill road
Day 1 – Evening
Stay in Shogran Hotel
7700 ft.

Day 2 – Morning
Trek to Siri Pai
4 hours
8500 ft.
Easy trek.
Day 2 – Afternoon
From Shogran to Naran
3 hours

Hill road
Day 2 – Evening
Stay in Naran Hotel
8000 ft.

Day 3 – Full Day
Lake Saiful Malook
1 day
10500 ft.
Jeep road from Naran
Day 4 – Morning
From Naran to Lulusar Lake and Babu Sar Top
1 day
13600 ft.
Jeep road from Naran.
Day 5 – Morning
Departure from Naran towards Chilas
1 day

Jeep road from Naran
Day 5 – Evening
Stay at Chilas
3000 ft.

Day 6 – Morning
From Chilas to RaiKot Bridge (Indus River)
2 hours

Korakoram Highway (KKH)
Day 6 – Morning
From RaiKot to Tatu
2 hours
7800 ft.
Tough Jeep ride. Extreme off-road
Day 6 – Afternoon
Trek to Fairy Meadows
3 hours
10300 ft.
Steep trek
Day 6 – Evening
Stay at Fairy Meadows camp site
10300 ft.
Sleeping bags, tents and other camping stuff is required.
Day 7 – Full Day
Explore Fairy Meadows, Views of Mt. Nanga Parbat (8126m) and Walk to Beyal Camp
1 day
11200 ft.
Straight walk to Beyal Camp with gentle ascent. Great views of Nanga Parbat.
Day 8 – Full Day
From Fairy Meadows back to Tatu-RaiKot-Chilas
1 day
Night stay at Chilas
Day 9 – Full Day
From Chilas to Skardu
1 day
7300 ft.
First drive on KKH then Jeep road.
Day 10 – Full Day
Drive to Deosai National Park
1 day
13500 ft.
Budda Statue and Sad Para Lake in the way. Highest plateau in the world. Wild life park. Overnight camp at Sheocer Lake.
Day 11 – Full Day
Trekking towards Chogo Cho from Sheocer Lake
1 day
14000 ft.
Camp at Chogo Cho.
Day 12 – Full Day
Trekking from Chogo cho To Burji La Base camp
1 day
15000 ft.
Camp at Burji La Base camp.
Day 13 – Full Day
Burji La Base camp to Burji La top
1 day
16000 ft.
View of 5 lakes and views of several mountains above 8000m including K2.
Day 14 – Full Day
Cross Buji La Pass and Trek to Skardu Valley
1 day
Back to Skardu
Day 15 – Full Day
Rest day
1 day

Shopping in Skardu.
Day 16 –
From Skardu to Islamabad By air.

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