18 June 2010

Canyoning in Dubai? As you can even ski there in the middle of summer, it’s totally logical they start cooling the water when the temperatures are rising higher and higher – the water parks in Dubai are actually a fun alternative for an action packed day out in the water.

In the Wild Wadi park you just float along a slow river, and whenever you come past an interesting attraction, you just join the queue to be shot up some slides by really strong water jets. Arrived at the top, there are several slides to choose from to get back down into the slow river. A large pool and two standing waves offer you the chance to learn surfing, or just relax.
This extreme slide apparently used to be the fastest and tallest outside Amerika – until the world famous 55km/h double looping L2 slide opened in Austria (where else?) earlier this year…

But the 24 interconnected wild wadi attractions are not too bad either….

Wild Wadi

DescriptionA day in the water makes you just about hungry enough for German food and beer – so for dinner we headed to the Keller in the Jumeirah Beach hotel next door. Great German beer and excellent foot – exactly what we were after….

The second day ended up to be all about art, not climbing. It was already too hot for the outdoor wall when we finally got up, so we went to check out Dubai’s only indoor climbing ”wall” in the Pharao health club of Wafi mall.
Unfortunately this turned out to be more of a climbing “corner” for no more than 3 pairs of climbers at any time. Because of the limited climbing wall availability in the UAE, it was already fully booked for the day.
(The wafi wall offers climbing courses during the day and climbing without instructors only after 19.00. You can rent harness but no shoes – e-mail cleopatra.reception@wafi.com for info and booking)

Instead we headed to Al Quoz industrial area (marked on the map below) to check out the art galleries there. Without proper addresses and no landmarks (just one warehouse after the next) finding all the galleries was a real orienteering challenge.
But after driving around for a bit, we soon spotted the first gallery on our “treasure hunt”, where we also picked up a little booklet with a map showing locations of a a lot more venues – at least approximately….

Dubai Art Gallery Map

To be honest, some galleries had exhibitions of quite uninspiring works of probably self proclaimed “artists”, but others were really interesting – an unexpected, totally different side of Dubai well worth discovering.
Dubai Art Gallery Map
For more information on art galleries and current exhibitions in the UAE check out http://www.artinthecity.com


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